Tips For Going On Safari In Dubai

When people think about a safari, Dubai is generally not the first location that comes to mind. However, a desert safari is an experience that should not be missed. Before you rush to plan your Dubai safari, there are a number of tips that you should consider which will ensure that your safari is fun and a good experience.

Choosing The Best Time Of Year

Dubai is surrounded by a vast desert which offers a range of safari options. However, you need to choose the right time of year to go based on the experience that you want to have. As the desert surrounds Dubai, the temperatures can sore during the summer months to well above what tourists are used to. This is why you might want to consider going on your desert safari during the winter months.

Regardless of the time of year you go on safari in Dubai, you need to take the correct precautions. You need to take enough sunscreen with you and use it because the sun in Dubai can cause serious damage even in the winter months. You should also consider the clothing you take as you need to consider the modest clothing that is required in the country as well as the heat.

In terms of shoes, you should take ones that can be taken off easily. Open shoes are recommended as they allow you to stay cool and will allow you to get rid of the sand during your safari. Sandals are the best option because they can be worn all year and will keep you cool.

Choose The Right Operator

When you go on safari in Dubai, you need to choose the right operator. There are many operators who offer this, but some will have a better reputation than others. There are also some operators who offer longer safari tours than others and you should consider how much time you have for this.

You should never attempt a safari on your own because of the vast desert that you will be navigating. The large size of the desert makes it very dangerous to try navigating it yourself. Additionally, you will not be able to see the sights that the tour operators will be able to show you.

Most of the safari operators will have a 6-hour safari option which will leave the city in the afternoon and return in the night. This is due to the fact that you will be able to see the majesty of the desert during the day and the night. Most of the tours will also leave after the heat of the day so you will need to have lunch before setting off.

Take Cash And Cards With You

When you go on a desert safari in Dubai, you need to remember to take some cash and your cards with you. Most of the tour operators will stop at comfort shops where you will be able to buy water and snacks. You will also be able to buy souvenirs along the safaris and many operators will have an official photographer who you can buy pictures or videos from.

It is important to note that many of these stores will take card payments. However, it is recommended that you also have cash should there be a problem with the card payment facilities.

When visiting Dubai, you should consider taking the time to complete a desert safari. There are many operators who offer these safaris, but you need to check their reputation before you book a safari. You should also prepare correctly by taking enough sunscreen, hats and sandals to ensure that you stay cool.

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